About The HousingCoaches

Hi! My name is Matt McGrath and I lead a team of real estate professionals called The HousingCoaches℠. So you may be wondering what exactly is a Housing Coach and what makes a Housing Coach any different than a traditional real estate agent.

A traditional agent is typically focused on “making the sale” while we are focused on helping our clients navigate the complex real estate market in order to achieve their goals. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics. Just the opposite, we find out what it is you want, what your long term goals are, what your current circumstances are, then we help you to create a personalized game plan to achieve your goals.

Here is what you should know about The HousingCoaches℠ if you are a:

What Home Sellers Should Know about The HousingCoaches℠

Menu of Services = More Options = More $avings

Traditional real estate companies bundle all of their services together and charge you a large percentage of the sales price whether they employ all of those services or not.

The HousingCoaches℠ have broken our services down into a menu of services that can be individually purchased or packaged together tor create a custom listing service package. That way you can choose those services that make sense for your unique situation without paying for services that you don’t want or need. We have also designed specific flat fee and traditional full service service packages that offer huge savings and streamline the listing process.

By Owner or By Realtor® – The Best of Both Worlds

That’s not where the options stop. We believe that our home seller clients should always have the option of finding a buyer themselves and saving even more.

The way it traditionally works with most full service companies is like this: a seller signs a listing agreement and guarantees the brokerage a commission of a percentage of the sales price, usually between 5-6%. Then the brokerage offers up half of that amount to any other broker that brings in a ready, willing, and able buyer to complete the sale. That means each brokerage company receives 2.5 – 3% on the average transaction.

But what happens if the seller finds a buyer for the home? Let’s say you go to work the day after you list your home with one of the “other guys,” and your Human Resource Director introduces you to a new employee who just relocated into town and is looking for a home. The director says, “I remembered you were selling your home, and it sounds like the perfect home for this new employee.” You call your agent, very excitedly, and tell him the great news. The agent gets even more excited and says, “Let’s schedule the showing right away!”

Why is the agent that much more excited? Because now the agent is going to earn the full 5-6% and not just the 2.5-3% originally anticipated. Is it right? Should the agent get the full amount even though there was no extra services provided or work done to earn it? We don’t think so. It is your equity. It is money that you have worked long and hard for. Don’t get me wrong, the agent provides a valuable service and will continue to provide that service all throughout the transaction and closing. But, if you find the buyer and if that buyer is not represented by an agent, then we feel that you should be able to keep the commission that would have been earned by the buyer’s agent.

With all of our Home Sales Service Packages, we will help you to understand the process and guide you through the process of completing a successful transaction.

What Home Buyers Should Know about The HousingCoaches℠

The Automated Home Finder System Can Help You Get the Best Deal!

One constant in any real estate market is that home buyers want a great deal when they buy. The best deals do not last long on the market, no matter what type of market it is: hot or cold, buyer’s or seller’s market. The best deals come on the market and will fly off the market to buyers who are paying attention.

So how do you find the best deal when you want to buy? Newspaper ads or homes magazines? Most of the best deals are never advertised. The agents don’t need to spend money on ads for a home that will sell right away. The Internet? Sifting through the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet can take too much time. Even if you get there in time to take advantage of a good deal, would you be fully ready to close the deal with financing in place and a plan to handle all of the details?

How our system helps home buyers get the best deals!

Education and Preparation: Our system educates first-time home buyers about real estate transactions, and it updates move-up buyers with current real estate trends. Understanding the buying process and the market that a buyer wants to purchase in is a huge step towards getting the best deal. It allows the buyer to make quick and confident decisions.

Education without preparation would be useless. Our system ensures that the buyer is financially capable to make a purchase and that the long term considerations of the home purchase have all been examined.

Automation: Our system automatically scours through all of the properties currently listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service and delivers all the properties which meet the buyer’s specific criteria right to their email as soon as they become available. This means that as a buyer, you will know about the best deals before much of your buying competition. In fact, you will know about these deals before many Realtors do. Then, once you decide which properties interest you, you tell us and we will arrange a private tour of the home.

Evaluation: Once you find a property that you want to make your home, we will help you to determine the value of the home and examine all of the numbers associated with the purchase. Understanding the market value of a home is crucial to negotiating the best deal. Many buyers think that they have to get the seller to come way down off of their price to get a great deal. Well, what if the home is listed below current market value? You could still get the best deal by paying over list price if you are competing against other buyers at the same time.

Negotiation: Once you understand the market values, we help you to develop a negotiation strategy. We will also handle all of the negotiation details. Professional 3rd party negotiations often result in a better deal and a smoother transaction overall. Anyone can buy a home. The trick is to buy the right home, the right way, and for the right price.

Culmination: We will systematically handle all of the details and will guide you through each phase of the transaction from contract to closing. It has been estimated that roughly 35 or more people have input or influence on any given real estate transaction such as, lenders, attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, title companies, and each of their own various staff members. We are there to help orchestrate the entire process and ensure communication between you and all the other necessary parties.

  • For more information about our Home Buying System and the home buying process, explore the Home Buyer’s Center.