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Mortgage Rates

We are including the mortgage rate table below to provide up to date mortgage rates to use in the calculators below.



Affordability Calculator

This calculator is designed to give you a basic idea regarding a potential purchase price. This is just an estimate based on basic guidelines which vary based on the lender and loan program you choose. Also there may be variables regarding your employment or salary type that could skew the numbers further. So while we are including this calculator on this page we STRONGLY recommend that you speak to a reputable mortgage lender. Let us help! Click here and request a free mortgage consultation with one of our mortgage partners. This consultation is free and will give you valuable insights into your future home purchase.



Mortgage Payment Calculator

This calculator will give you a good idea of what you can expect your mortgage payment to be. If you have a rate quote from a trusted mortgage lender, use that in this calculator to help determine price. Otherwise, use the rate from above. Keep in mind the rates listed are for buyers with excellent credit. The payment you generate should be close if you input the correct information. The home owners insurance is the hardest to estimate unless you have a quote from good insurance broker. Need a referral? Click here for a referral to a good insurance rep.

Monthly Payment Calculator